Mohs Reconstruction

Though Moh’s excision of skin cancers is typically performed in the face/neck/scalp/nose/lips and ears, it can be performed throughout the body. Dr. Ha has extensive experience in performing reconstructions of the defects left behind. He works closely with a number of Moh’s dermatologic surgeons to repair defects within 24 to 72 hours, and often times the same day. If you have had a biopsy confirming skin cancer, Dr. Ha offers consultations prior to your Moh’s excision so that all of the options can be reviewed. This can provide you with a framework of expectations and often give you peace of mind. He can also help refer you to the appropriate specialists for your skin cancer if they haven’t been arranged yet.

Typical procedure performed for reconstruction include: 
•  Skin grafts
•  Nasolabial flaps
•  Forehead flaps
•  Local flaps
•  Adjacent tissue rearrangements
•  Cartilage grafts
•  Bone grafts
•  Microsurgical reconstruction of large defects